How we Invest

Our investment phylosophy

We seek to understand where our world is going. Through investment, and attempting to identify companies that create long term value, we aim to gain insight in what forces drive current developments, and what technologies will play a key part in what’s to come. As such, our main focus is to find companies with a long term technical advantage.

Gaining understanding in where the world is going is about learning, much more than it is about making profit, however. At LH Investment Group, we doesn’t maximize profits, we foster personal growth. We look for the longer term, even though this might not fit with short term incentives resulting from the investment competitions scope. Instead, we develop strategies, test them, and improve them accordingly.

We specialize  –  At the start of a new investment year, old and new members get assigned personal responsibilities based on personal interests. These responsibilities can cover analysis methods, market segments and specific developments. At the start of the year, we set personal goals regarding these specializations; with these goals, we make sure every member gets to develop their knowledge in a niche, as well as learn from the progress and insights of others. We also boost involvement this way, as members are challenged to dive in a specific topic. These specializations lead to interesting and diverse investment proposals

We reflect  –  Every quartile, we reflect on collective progress as well as individual findings. Strategies are fine-tuned, the portfolio reviewed, and a course for the next months can be set. Individual goals are also reviewed, and new challenges can be set. At the end of the year, we gather our experiences, and review the strategy we have used for that competition. At the end of the year, and over the summer holiday, the entire strategy is reflected upon. This way, we create several reflective loops that keep improving our strategies and challenging our members.

We mentor  –  To increase involvement, and the rate of learning, we work with a mentorship program. New members are placed in sub-groups with more experienced members, and tasked to provide investment proposals together. Through collaborative analysis, as well as discussion, we get members up-to-speed faster, and make sure everyone can contribute their fair share quickly.

OUr methodology

Our Investment group

LH Investment Group is an investment group of students from the Eindhoven area, connected to student investment society B&R Beurs Eindhoven. The investment group manages a shared portfolio of investments, with equal shares for all members. By doing that, LH investment Group offers a platform to learn about investing, with the advantages of shared decision making and smaller buy-ins than a regular portfolio would cost. Our investment group is autonomously registered at the chamber of commerce.

LH Investment Group members are curious, enthusiastic and driven. We are constantly on the lookout for new perspectives, new developments, and new opportunities. At the drinks and at the lectures, we are always well represented, and play an active part in the community. We try to not only contribute to our group but also to our investment society, exemplified with our history of prominent representation in the board of B&R Beurs Eindhoven.

We are part of B&R Beurs Eindhoven, the student investment society of the region of Eindhoven. This young and fast-growing association aims to facilitate the knowledge development about finance and investing in a fun and responsible way. With over 100 members from more than 10 educational departments, it form a diverse and ambitious group of people. If you want to learn more about investing, B&R Beurs Eindhoven is the place to start!

To find out more, visit their website.