Embrace the silver and blue

Join LH Investment Group

Why you should join

Fun, active, inclusive group  –  we are a great investment group to be part of; active engaged members who like to challenge their knowledge as well as have a great time doing it.

Mentorship program  –  We actively support our members to learn and improve themselves through a mentorship program; you’ll not invest on your own, but with groups, balanced in experience and interests.

Personal growth focus – We set personal learning goals just as much as investment targets, and we reflect on both equally seriously.


Enthousiastic  –  We don’t require any investment knowledge, but we do expect new members to bring energy and enthousiasm to the meetings and our social gatherings.

Open-minded  –  You should be curious and open to new and different perspectives. We believe that combining different opinions gives the best investment decisions.

Committed  –  We invest time in our members, as such, we also appreciate some commitment to learning from new members as well. At least two hours a week for research and meetings would be appreciated.

Whether you would like to join, want to ask some questions, or want to meet up for a coffee or beer first, feel free to reach out!