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About LH

LH Investment Group is an investment group of students from the Eindhoven area, connected to student investment society B&R Beurs Eindhoven. The investment group manages a shared portfolio of investments, with equal shares for all members. By doing that, LH investment Group offers a platform to learn about investing, with the advantages of shared decision making and smaller buy-ins than a regular portfolio would cost. Our investment group is autonomously registered at the chamber of commerce. Just like other investment groups, we have a unique way to select assets and manage our portfolio. You’re welcome to look around and ask us more via our contact form! 🙂

LH Investment Group members are curious, enthusiastic and driven. We are constantly on the lookout for new perspectives, new developments, and new opportunities. At the drinks and at the lectures, we are always well represented, and play an active part in the community. We try to not only contribute to our group but also to our investment society, exemplified with our history of prominent representation in the board of B&R Beurs Eindhoven.

Board 2022-2023

Ceki Cem Levimore_vert Board member
Ceki Cem Leviclose

Mukitmore_vert Board member


Bob van Ginkelmore_vert THE POLITICIAN
Bob van Ginkelclose

Daniël Stekelenburgmore_vert EV PRODIGY
Daniël Stekelenburgclose

Levi Borensztajnmore_vert TECH-STOCK MOGUL
Levi Borensztajnclose

Lisa Verhoevenmore_vert SNEAKY INVESTOR
Lisa Verhoevenclose

Luuk van Sundertmore_vert THE BOLD
Luuk van Sundertclose

Rea Moutsoziaiclose

Ruben Gloudemansmore_vert THE COUCH DISMANTLER
Ruben Gloudemansclose

Advisory committee

Bart Koopmansmore_vert
Bart Koopmansclose

Gerard Koudstaalmore_vert
Gerard Koudstaalclose

Joep Peetersmore_vert
Joep Peetersclose

Laurens Janssenmore_vert
Laurens Janssenclose

Pedro Dansmore_vert
Pedro Dansclose

Prabhant Singhmore_vert
Prabhant Singhclose

Sonja Babacmore_vert
Sonja Babacclose

Stefan Robumore_vert
Stefan Robuclose

Surja Chaudhurimore_vert
Surja Chaudhuriclose

Thomas Dortmansmore_vert
Thomas Dortmansclose

Winston Artsmore_vert
Winston Artsclose

Investment Strategy


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